Thursday, October 4, 2007

Budapest, Hungary


quiltaroo said...

It has been such a wonderful blessing to me to follow "the Way of The Master" on this journey! I have enjoyed reading about your adventures (was most distressed when you lost your sound equipment!) and have lifted you up to the Lord in prayer every time I think about you through the day.


From Tracy in Africa

Anonymous said...
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SpenceOhana said...

Wow what a beautiful city! Why wasn't Kirk along on this journey?

Mark's sis in-law, Melissa

dede said...

kali-spe-ra (good day in greek)

any chance you might squeeze in Greece while your on your tour?

i have a heart for Greeks as that is my nationality and would like to see more Greeks be less churchy and be born-again in Yseus Kristos.

i just stood up to open-air for my very first time. I guess I'm catching the evangelizm fever while your all out of the country.

Kristos panda mazi sas (Christ be always with you)


AndyB said...

Top photo looks like she's interviewing Ray with fluffy headphones!

Garrie and Jackie said...

It is such a blessing to see WOTM ministering in a place I was a missionary in for 7 years. The Hungarian people are precious to me and I'm always thankful for the gospel getting to the people.