Thursday, September 20, 2007

July Newsletter - About Europe Trip

Over 100 Contacts in Europe

We are thankful that over 100 people have volunteered to act as contacts in Europe as we film our Fourth Season. One hotel owner in France has kindly offered his hotel free of charge. We are at present negotiating with the Prince of one of the countries to allow us to interview him on camera. Each program will not only have open air preaching, give the history of the country's heroes of the faith, interview local pastors, but they will also have some unique aspects. We will drop real wallets containing money and a card. The card will say "IMPORTANT: If lost, please call this cell number," and we will secretly film what people do. If they steal it, we will follow them (wearing spy-camera glasses) to see what they do. The wallet will also contain an important-looking "Bond Certificate" that will have a gospel message (in two or three languages) that emphasizes theft. If the person does call the cell phone, they will get a reward, and we will them ask on camera why they returned it. Were they tempted to steal it? Do they fear God? Etc.

Please pray for us as we work out the logistics of 14 people traveling to 13 countries in 13 days, and filming 13 episodes. We leave New York for London on September 20th.
We still need contacts in Munich, Germany and Timisoara, Romania. Please contact Trish at if you can be a contact person in one of those areas. Also, please contact us if you're interested in sponsoring one of the programs.

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Ellen Dry said...

Dear Sir,

If you make a video of the outreach I would like to purchase one(or DVD)This could support your ministry, and would encourage others that I can share it with, to step out in faith, spreading the Gospel too!
May you be richly blessed,and I pray that each seed sown will fall on fertile ground.
Ellen Dry