Monday, September 24, 2007

Rain in the Netherlands

Here are a few pictures from Luxembourg. It wasn't quite as exciting as Brussels; but the gospel was preached, many were witnessed to, and we escaped the enemy with the footage by the grace of God.

We are in Amsterdam and it is morning and raining. All of your prayers for us are so appreciated and we have had exceptional weather so far. I am confident it is due to your prayers. Please continue to lift us up in prayer in all things - weather, travel, attitude, etc., the crew, the speakers, the hearers.

At each stop the volunteers have been wonderful and so helpful. How awesome it is to have friends of the ministry around the world who are willing to serve.

God bless,

Scotty & Carol


brandt dary said...

Look at all those people hearing the Gospel... that brings joy to my heart!

~ brandt

Anna "Banana" Jackson said...

So awesome to see that God giving favor even with the weather!
Praying for you daily,

Tinina Marie said...

Hi Ray, EZ, Mark, Todd, Trish and the rest of the team! thank you for including us in your 13 day adventure. I wish that I was with you! It is so awesome to see the gospel presented in europe!!! Keeping you in prayer, your sister in Christ, Tinina Marie

Mike Anthony said...

Hi Carol & Scotty

Thank you for this Blog, pics and the updates of your adventure, I know you guys are facing a lot of trials doing Gods work over there.
Always Praying for you Folks.

P.S. My son Marine Mike Jr Says Hello from Okinawa Japan. He is doing well God is keeping him Safe.

Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony said...


Please remember I still have my Clown Suit & Stilts if you ever had the need.

SpenceOhana said...

Rain in Holland, when isn't it rainy or cloudy. Being Dutch and having family there I could've told Mark this!

Mark Spence's sis in-law,