Thursday, September 20, 2007

May Newsletter - About Europe Trip

We are going to Europe!

God willing, we are going to film 13 episodes in 13 countries... in 13 days. They said it couldn't be done, but we thought differently (high-speed trains will make it possible). This is for the 4th Season of "The Way of the Master" TV program. We are going to:

1. London (England)
2. Brussels (Belgium)
3. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
4. Paris (France)
5. Barcelona (Spain)
6. Monte Carlo (Monaco)
7. Milan (Italy)
8. Zurich (Switzerland)
9. Vienna (Austria)
10. Budapest (Hungry)
11. Prague (Czech)
12. Frankfurt (Germany)
13. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

It will be a combined travel log, home show, history show...all soaked in evangelism. We leave on September 20th, and yes, we need contacts in every country to help make this a reality. Please contact Trish at if you can be a contact person. Also, we are still looking for sponsors for each program.

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