Sunday, September 23, 2007

Photos of Belgium (from Mark Spence)


George Busby said...


SeanS said...

Great shots! Great locations! What a blessing that you guys have been able to accomplish so much so far. I'm looking forward to season 4. I'll be praying for you.

Matt Johnson said...

I love your blog, Ray! Praise God for what He will do during these 13 days.

As you know, you and your entire team, as well as your families back home, will be covered in my prayers during your time in Europe.

Here's some Dietrich Bonhoeffer to encourage you with:

"The 'must' of suffering (Mark 8:31) applies to His disciples no less than to Himself. Just as Christ is Christ only in virtue of His suffering and rejection, so the disciple is a disciple only in so far as he shares in his Lord's suffering and rejection and crucifixion."
(From "The Cost of Discipleship", pg. 87)

Romgenesis said...

Praise God! Thanks for the WOTM e-mail updates! Now I know what's going on and can pray better for you all! May God bless you with deep sleep, plenty of energy, and HIS Spirit of power, and love, and a sound mind. - Romgenesis - 2Tim.1:7

Daniel Dow said...

I saw an open air preacher last weekend here in Chicago who I have never seen before. He travels and does open air full time, different day, different city. When I talked with him, I thought of you. Praise God for this opportunity to preach the Gospel in so many places in so little time. Beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News.

stephen said...

great work guys ill be praying for ya.

Elkana said...

Hello Ray and Team

do you have contact in zurich already? i would like to meet you, but need to know where you will be and at what time!

God bless,
Andy Vetterli, Pastor from zurich

Eve Adams said...

Thank You for the great post. I'll be traveling with you in spirit and prayer. What a blessing your ministry has been to so many around the world. May the Harvest be overwhelming throughout all of Europe. May every obstacle or weapon formed bring 100 fold blessings instead. May God continue to protect, inspire and renew you each day.

Mike Mosketti said...

impressive that many people came. I didn't realize the amount of work that is involved in making the videos.

Can't wait to see them to watch.

Enoch said...

How cool is this... can't wait to watch Season 4!
What a great crowd you all had and btw awesome pictures!

クリステイーナ said...

Love the pixs and praying for you!

Anna "Banana" Jackson said...

Photos are super, Mark!

Praying for you guys daily!

Bob W. said...

Ray & Gang,
Continue to go with God and serve Him well. I and my WOM Basic Course class will be praying for you guys.

Frank said...

I, too, am praying for all of you. Oh that the churches would be encouraged to proclaim truth as you scatter seeds all through their communities!

Btw, what is on the sides of Ray's stool? And why is their a sheet under it? Is this some OA secret?

Gary said...

Great pics. Beautiful places, new faces, & the Gospel being proclaimed - Awesome! Praise God. Praying for the team. God bless!

Your brother in Christ,