Saturday, September 29, 2007

Switzerland is beautiful

On the way to Zurich we walked through the train, Mark doing the light show and Trish and I giving out tracts to anyone who smiled. Half way through the train we met a couple who were traveling through Europe. Things hadn’t gone the way they had planned and they were pleased to meet some fellow Americans. We did the light show, sleight of hand, made them laugh a lot, and then we witnessed to them. They were a little short on cash so we got them some food, and brought them back to our hotel. Mark stayed up talking and witnessing to them until 3:00 AM. Please pray for them. Their names are Gabriel and Alison.

The city of Zurich (Switzerland) is beautiful. We arrived around midnight and I literally fell onto my bed, mumbling heart-felt thanks to God for clean sheets and a comfortable bed.

The next morning (Saturday) we filmed the program’s theme on a bridge, with a beautiful backdrop, and then we did an open air. It was very difficult to draw a crowd until Mark got out the straight jacket. Then he began stretching and messing with the chain, and by the time we strapped him in, we had a good size crowd. EZ preached and then handed over to me. After that we split crews and did one-to-one interviews.

Duane found about 15 German-speaking, chanting Hare Kristina’s and pushed me into the middle of them with the cameras rolling. It went well and sure will bring variety to the program.

Mark did some interviews. Trish was interviewing five girls when one began crying. That upset the others and they suddenly began cussing at Trish in English. She must have said something that touched a raw nerve.

When EZ arrived last night he put the card in his hotel room door five times. It wouldn’t open. He finally gave up and went all the way down stairs. He told the attendant, who then accompanied him upstairs. He put the card in and pulled at the door for a sixth time. The man said, in a deep Swiss accent, “Haf you tried pooshing ze door?” We are all in the same zombie state by that time of the night. We are now on our way by rail to Munich, Germany. We have a whole carriage to ourselves and loads of chocolate. Five countries to go. Thanks for your prayers.



Anonymous said...

Praying for you all! I cannot imagine how tired you guys must be. You'll need a week's vacation after getting back from this really hard work. You're work is not in vain. Praise God!

Frank ze Kraut said...

Hey guys! Glad to hear that Ray got his chocolate at the train station :-). Thanks for allowing me to be part of your day in Zurich. It was a GREAT blessing to help out! The family is praying for your continued safety and the Lord's blessing on your undertaking. Can't wait to hear about Muenchen. Vee vill shpeak viz u laituh.
Your Deutsche Freund,

Anonymous said...
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